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Third-Party MetaStock Add-Ons

Improve upon the advanced analysis power of MetaStock by adding on MetaStock's incredible Add-Ons which provide additional functionality to MetaStock. Add-ons can include the creator's trading methodology by adding custom indicators, explorations, system tests, and expert advisors.

StockPicker's Power Trend Zone

Picture of StockPicker's Power Trend Zone
The Power Trend Zone System is a trend following methodology. It was created in cooperation by Henrik Jonson of Stock Picker and Jeffrey Gibby of MetaStock.
$359.10 (USD)

Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch Systems

Picture of Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch Systems
Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch Systems, is comprised primarily of two trading methods. The Altitude Trading system, and the Ignition System.
$449.10 (USD)

Superior Profit's CUE Global

Picture of Superior Profit's CUE Global
The CUE Global program uses 19 Sonar Explorations to help you identify Low Risk, High Reward trades in Trending, Reversing, and Exhausting Market situations.
$962.10 (USD)

Tactical Trader

Picture of Tactical Trader
Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies offers THREE complete systems in ONE amazing package. Systems you can begin using today to improve your trades.
$359.10 (USD)

Teach Talk Trade's Trend Momentum Toolkit

Picture of Teach Talk Trade's Trend Momentum Toolkit
Powerful, cutting-edge trading signals and strategies based on the digital signal processing research of John Ehlers, author of Rocket Science for Traders and Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures.
$449.10 (USD)


Picture of VOLT
VOLT, developed by John Slauson, helps traders objectively identify support and resistance on 1-minute, 5-minute, and daily charts using Volume Profile.
$269.10 (USD)

Walter Bressert's Profit Trader

Picture of Walter Bressert's Profit Trader
The ProfitTrader MetaStock addon is an applied methodology used to buy bottoms, sell tops, and determine trends and trend reversals. Developed by Bressert for futures, the methodology can be applied to any market, any time frame.
$855.00 (USD)

Wendy Kirkland's Automated Swing Trader

Picture of Wendy Kirkland's Automated Swing Trader
A MetaStock exclusive: Wendy Kirkland's Automated Swing Trader Add-on employs her signature research to provide traders with precision buy and sell signals.
$449.10 (USD)

Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox

Picture of Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox
Preferred stocks have historically been one of the best income investments on Wall Street, and the Winans International Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI) is the only index that benchmarks preferred stocks back to the 1900s.

$299.00 (USD)

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