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MetaStock Data Subscriptions

You can get more information on the available data services below.

Xenith Data for Retail Investors

MetaStock is powered by the incredible XENITH for Retail Traders Real-Time Data and News package. More than a simple data feed, XENITH for Retail Traders fuses the information, tools and analytics you need into a single desktop customized to the way you work.

Pairing MetaStock Real Timefessional with QuoteCenter gives you a fusion of the quotes, fundamentals, news information, tools and technical analytics you need into a single desktop customized to the way you work.

You can use the many pre-defined screens, like the "equity trader" screen, or easily customize your desktop to view the content you use most often..

Whether you trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, commodities, FOREX, or indices, MetaStock has the tools you need for superior market analysis and financial success. In fact, 84% of our customers report that they have been successful using the MetaStock software!

DataLink End-of-Day Data

DataLink EOD Data

DataLink is quality financial, end-of-day data you can depend on.

If you are looking for quality MetaStock Format end-of-day data with extensive coverage that is both clean and accurate, then DataLink is your answer!

Provided by the same company that manufactures MetaStock Real Timeducts, this data is completely compatible with MetaStock End-of-Day.