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Steve Ruffley's TraderMaker PRO Annual Subscription

TraderMaker PRO is designed to behave as a trade enhancer. Get all the assistance you need to make sure your trades are as accurate and timely as possible. Annual Subscription
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Annual Subscription

Exclusive to MetaStock, Steve Ruffley's TraderMaker PRO is like having a professional trader personally talking you through every instrument on every time frame


TraderMaker PRO is designed to behave as a trade enhancer. You get all the assistance you need to make sure your trades are as accurate and timely as possible. Steve Ruffley has combined everything he knows about how market participants make their trading calls in the Expert Commentary section. He has also included a number of key indicators that visually show you what he thinks the market may potentially do. These are all high-probability indicators that he has used in his own trading for years. You will also be able to run the Explorer on MetaStock Daily Charts and MetaStock Real Time to find these percentage edge trades.

All the following indicators are included and work on any time frame and any instrument you choose:

Expert commentary

  • Support 0,1,2,3,4 levels
  • Resistance 0,1,2,3,4 levels
  • Over Extended Markets
  • Sentiment
  • RSI
  • MACD


  • Bull reversal
  • Bear reversal
  • Bull candle bias
  • Bear candle bias
  • Bullish/Bearish sentiment bar


You will get 17 layouts. All layouts are prefixed with "TM A – F" to put them in order. "A" Layouts are for an overview of 1 to 6 instruments and charts. The main overview layout will show the 6 most traded instrument you use. The A2 and A3 will be to view one chart, or 4 charts with a dedicated space to put in the "Expert commentary" window. The "B to E" layout all provide signals for Commodities, Indies and FX on a MN1, W1, D1 & H1 basis.


  • Soybeans (SOYB.MI)
  • Wheat (WEAT.MI)
  • Silver (XAG=)
  • Gold (XAU=)
  • Platinum (XPT=)
  • Oil (USO)


  • DOW (DJA)
  • Nikkei (NKXQ)
  • S&P 500 (SPX)
  • Euro Stoxx 50 (STOXX50)



"F layouts" are for multiple time frames of one instrument. This allows you to focus on what happens with regards to that single instrument. The 2 default layouts are the SP500 and Gold.

Explorer: The explorer is set to run the 6 main indicators

  • Bull or bear reversal
  • Bull or bear candle bias
  • Bollinger band touch and breaks.

Expert commentary: This will be used to build your charts. Add key support and resistance levels from different time frames to build colour to the time frame you trade. Use Steve's sentiment indictor to build a view of how people in the market interpret tools like RSI and STOCH as a "buy" "sell" or "neutral" signal. Use the overextended market formula to pick out key Fibonacci levels.

Indicators: Use Steve's indicators to see when high probability reversal patterns are imminent in the markets. Identify in individual bars if there are more "bulls" or "bears" to help you see if there is going to be a long or short squeeze. Use the bull/bear sentiment bar to see how the buying and selling action changes from time frame to time frame. All helping you build up a picture of what market participants are actually doing.

The key to this is then going with the market when they are right or going against them when they are wrong. The common mistake people make is thinking they need to know what others don"t - the truth is the opposite. If you know what people are basing their trades on you are actually one step ahead.

Layouts: Use Steve's layout to stop being a single instrument trader. Easily switch between FX and commodities knowing all the set ups are for correlated instruments and categories into time frames to allow you to see the full magnitude of the indicators in action.

Explorer: You can use the explorer to effortlessly search 1000"s of instruments in order to hunt out the high percentage trades and indicators Steve has set up. These will return positive and negative results and allow you run searches on a shortlist or on any number of instruments.