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Joe Duffy's Scoupe Suite

The Scoupe Suite features the Scoupe Indicator which is actually 3 separate components because trading is rarely conquered without a layered approach
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At JD Trading Systems, they know trading tools are the backbone of your trading. They offer truly innovative solutions constructed around sound principles that provide a completely different perspective to your trading.

It also includes the API end of day trading system for stock indexes, ETF's, equities and options which takes a purely mechanical approach for the short term swing trader looking to trade in the 1 to 10-day range. Great for options traders and option credit spread traders!

Both the Scoupe Indicator and the API mechanical system for stocks and indices are designed to identify entry points for trades in the primary direction of the market trend.They trade both long and short.

Scoupe is very easy to use. If the Scoupe Histogram is greater than zero and Scoupe Indicator Line is less than zero, then that is a Buy Set Up.  If the Scoupe Histogram is less than zero and Scoupe Indicator Line is greater than zero, then that is a Sell Set Up. There is then an additional Scoupe Set Up layer to verify the entry.

Scoupe will not garble up your chart with lines and colors and extraneous markings. Scoupe is ultimately about trading price, so it emphasizes this above all. Scoupe is clean, simple, and powerful!

MetaStock Enlyten

This is the first ( many more to come) add on that features the Metastock Enlyten educational product. Enlyten is an awesome new product in which clients that purchase the add on get extensive educational videos done by the author of that add on. In this case Joe walks clients step by step through using his add on and interpreting the signals in 5 easy to access videos.

Clients get access to these videos immediately after purchase in their “My Trainings” section on their account.

The Scoupe Suite is:

  • Original trading tools designed to Identify market behaviors that occur and repeat in all markets
  • Zero optimizable parameters for the Indicators
  • Visually intuitive indicators with no screen clutter
  • Indicators verified through rigorous historical testing
  • Applicable to futures, forex, and stock and options market trading
  • Applicable to all time frame charts including intraday

With Scoupe Suite, get ready for a completely new perspective on your trading!

About Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy has a highly accomplished career as an institutional prop trader, trading system developer, and financial writer. He’s Three-time top-10 finisher in the United States Trading Championships with actual, real money annualized returns of 121%, 243%, and 432%. Joe also managed the Proprietary FX Trading book for one of the world’s largest banks, actively trading positions for the bank’s account and risk. He is currently the advisor to a hedge fund.