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Greg Morris' Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition

Greg Morris' Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition

Take Japanese candle pattern analysis to a new level with this MetaStock add-on from Greg Morris, the author of Candlestick Charting Explained.

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Many traders have already discovered that Japanese candlesticks allow them to see data more comprehensively at just a glance, but they often ignore critical variables. Though many candlestick products exist, they don’t offer detailed pattern recognition and filtering, and they don’t use correct methodology (original Japanese).

Greg Morris, Western candlestick pioneer and author of “Candlestick Charting Explained,” has partnered with MetaStock to develop the Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition Add-on. This revolutionary addition to the MetaStock line offers accurate identification of REAL Japanese patterns by employing advanced filtering capabilities and Greg’s extensive knowledge on the topic.

Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition includes the following:

3 Indicators

  • JCPR Candle Trend
  • JCPR Support & Resistance
  • JCPR Filtering Binary

4 Explorations and System Tests

  • JCPR Reversal Patterns
  • JCPR Reversal Patterns Confirmed
  • JPCR Filtered Reversal Patterns
  • JCPR Filtered Reversal Patterns Confirmed

1 Expert Advisor

  • JCPR: Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition

2 Templates

  • JCPR Clean Chart
  • JCPR Filtering Indicators

How Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition stands apart from the rest:

  • True Japanese Candle Patterns

    All the patterns in the add-on (except 2) are true Japanese patterns based on the extensive research conducted by Greg Morris with original Japanese literature.

  • JCPR Candle Trend

    This new method of identifying trends takes into consideration the true range of prices and expands or contracts based on those ranges. This allows it to follow the trend adaptively and with greater accuracy.

  • JCPR Support and Resistance

    By automatically calculating the support and resistance lines, this feature allows you to increase the look back periods and expand the concept.

  • JCPR Scoring

    Based on a wealth of experimental data (7275 common US stocks, which included large data histories that totaled over 14.6 million days of data), this critical function scores the probability that a reversal trend pattern will be successful.

Greg Morris

About Greg Morris

“I attended a Market Technician Association seminar in Phoenix, AZ in 1988. There was a large contingent of Japanese traders present and they presented their charting techniques. It was the first time I had ever heard of "Hi Ashi," which is what the Japanese call their candlestick chart.

I was working with N-Squared Computing then and we decided to create a charting product using Japanese patterns with automatic recognition capability. I traveled to Japan and stayed with Takehiro Hikita who was an active red bean and rice trader in Yokohama. He was intent on teaching me the art and also helping in translating several books.

There are many books out now on candle patterns and most software programs have candlestick charting capability. However, very few have the correct methodology (original Japanese).

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