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MetaSwing 4.0

MetaSwing 4.0

MetaSwing is a comprehensive trading system which utilizes volatility-based technical analysis. Subscription product.

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Enjoy the Volatility

MetaSwing™ is a comprehensive trading system which utilizes volatility-based technical analysis. By infusing volatility measurement into all of its algorithms, MetaSwing is superior at identifying reversal points, trend entries, support & resistance, and more profitable exits. Highly volatile market conditions don’t diminish its performance because its foundation is volatility measurement. Its unique technical strengths are combined into well defined trading methods that virtually anyone can perform. MetaSwing bridges the technical analysis advantage gap between resource rich institutions and individual traders.

Since 2001 options contract volume has been the primary market force driving underlying equity prices. Because options and futures pricing models are based on historical and implied volatility levels, MetaSwing volatility-based algorithms more effectively perform all aspects of technical analysis. This explosion of volatility dependent market activity gives MetaSwing users a superior ability to identify price moves and price consolidation ahead of the trade. Complex volatility oriented trading algorithms have long been implemented only by large institutions staffed with quantitative analysts.

MetaSwing includes the following tools:

  • Adeo: MetaSwing Adeo signals accurately identify short term reversal points.
  • N Bands: N Bands identify immediate support and resistance levels that are highly accurate within their timeframe.
  • S/R lines using PIV: N Band S/R lines give you a new technical analysis capability called Projected Implied Volatility (PIV). PIV identifies high accuracy support and resistance levels that smart money players are using.
  • Exits: MetaSwing uses unique volatility sensing exit points that enable you to book more profit per trade.
  • DLRL/DSRS Indicator Construct: MetaSwing uses a unique dual indicator system called the DLRL/DSRS Construct. This dual configuration enables you to see true extreme oversold-overbought conditions.
  • Volatility Shift: Volatility Shift signals tell you when a trading range is about to move higher or lower, due to hidden momentum.
  • Compression: MetaSwing Compression signals deliver statistically proven entry points for Condor and Butterfly option spread trades.
  • Correction Surge: MetaSwing Correction Surge is a system of broad market breadth triggers that forewarn of market downturns and bottom formation. It can greatly improve your ability to forecast the market’s short and intermediate term trading direction.
  • 123: The MetaSwing 123 method is a quick, high accuracy trade in the direction of the trend, utilizing hidden support and resistance levels.
  • MetaSwing Methods: MetaSwing Methods enable private traders to capture profits using well defined, logic oriented trade management.
  • MetaSwing Indicators: Derivatives trading is the primary force of supply and demand in today’s markets. MetaSwing indicators more effectively measure price movement caused by those forces.
  • New in MetaSwing 4.0:
    • Trend Indication Tools
      • The most basic question in trading is "What side of the market should I be on?"
      • The MetaSwing Trend Indicators tell you just that.
    • Adeo Long System (mechanical system)
      • The Adeo Long System is a simple swing trading system for End-Of-Day traders.
      • Ten successive system trades can produce 13.3%, with an in-market time of about 60 days.
    • 1-2-3 Long System (mechanical system)
      • The 1-2-3 Long System provides a simple and fast way to profit from an existing trend when there is no significant pullback.
      • Ten successive system trades can produce 8.7%, with an in-market time of about 34 days.
Kirk Northington

About Kirk Northington

Kirk Northington, CMT is the owner of Northington Trading, LLC, and the creator of MetaSwing. He trades his own accounts using the technical analysis methods of MetaSwing exclusively.

Kirk is the author of Volatility-Based Technical Analysis:Strategies for Trading the Invisible. Wiley Trading Series, John Wiley & Sons Publishers. Kirk Northington is a Chartered Market Technician.

Important: You must have MetaStock 9.0 or higher to use this product.

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