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John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition

John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition

John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition identifies the most profitable chart patterns in seconds with the experience of John Murphy, one of the world's foremost financial analysts, to take the guesswork out of identifying classic patterns.

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Now you can identify the most profitable chart patterns in seconds, based on John Murphy's many years of experience.

Hidden inside every chart is a story - a story about where the price has been and where it might go in the future. Some stories are obvious. Others are a little more difficult to figure out.

These stories are told with patterns. Chart patterns are simply defined as pictures or formations made by the price movements of the stocks or commodities you're examining. Numerous studies have repeatedly shown that these patterns have excellent predictive value. In fact, technical analysts who effectively identify these classic, tried-and-true chart patterns are among the most successful traders in the world.

Now you can take advantage of the experience and insight of John Murphy, one of the world's foremost financial analysts, to help take the subjective guesswork out of identifying these classic patterns.

Identifies both trend reversal and continuation patterns.

When analyzing chart patterns, technical analysts generally categorize them in two groups: (1) patterns that predict trend reversal and (2) patterns that predict trend continuation.

Most technical analysts consider the process of identifying patterns within the charts an art, and would hesitate to venture down the road of mathematically quantifying how to identify specific patterns. But with John Murphy's practical trading experience combined with the technical expertise of the engineers at Equis International, this incredible new tool rivals the best pattern recognition experts in the industry.

STEP 1: Find only the charts with good pattern trading potential

The old method of finding patterns within charts was tedious. You had no choice but to visually examine each chart - one at a time - to identify what might or might not be a pattern.

With CPR, you can examine hundreds (even thousands!) of charts with a click of your mouse. The advanced software algorithms then search through all of your charts to find the ones with definite patterns, and even the ones in the early stages of a pattern.

STEP 2: Begin to focus on specific chart patterns

With a detailed list of the best candidates, now you can begin analyzing individual charts with CPR and MetaStock's Expert Advisor. CPR will label each of the nine different patterns as they occur within your charts.

STEP 3: Use this valuable information to place your trades

CPR generates a report within MetaStock to give you valuable trading details for the particular pattern on your chart. You'll know exactly how to place your buy and sell positions, and even where to place your stops. In addition, the reports will give you price projections where the security price will move within a specified period of time. You can also use CPR to generate daily trading alerts with patterns that aren't fully formed. That way, you'll know when to place your trade, before it becomes obvious to other traders.

CPR is the right tool to help you profit from tested chart patterns

CPR goes beyond simply identifying the patterns on your chart. Each pattern is computer-verified and supplemented with John Murphy's own expert commentary. Simply click your mouse on the identified pattern to read the specific details on how he feels this pattern rates. Was the breakout from the pattern significant enough to warrant a trade? What is the likely price projection for this type of pattern? How long will it likely take to reach the projected price? You'll get all of this trading detail and more!

CPR automatically scans through your securities looking for specific patterns. It even finds those that are most likely to produce the best trading opportunities. There is no other product on the market that implements the experience and expertise of John Murphy with the computerized technology of MetaStock. The result is simple - you'll make better trading decisions!

John Murphy

About John Murphy

John Murphy has unique qualifications to help individual investors and traders. He has been a professional analyst for over thirty years, CNBC-TV technical analyst for over seven years, and is the author of three best-selling books:Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, Intermarket Technical Analysis, and The Visual Investor.

Murphy is also the president of MURPHYMORRIS.COM, a company which produces educational software products and online services for investors. He's a popular speaker at financial conferences, and is frequently quoted in the financial media. He was given the first award for contribution to global technical analysis at the Fifth World Congress of the International Federation of Technical Analysts in 1992.

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