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DataLink End of Day Data

Refinitiv DataLink End of Day Data

For traders who use end-of-day data, Refinitiv DataLink is the #1 choice for a reliable and robust data feed. The benefits of this service are numerous.
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Make your trading decisions with the same confidence that 1000's of MetaStock clients already enjoy. Refinitiv DataLink market data comes from Thomson Reuters, the world's best known and most reliable information provider. Successful, profitable trading depends on premium data, and no other end-of-day data is more dependable than Refinitiv DataLink.

Reasons to Subscribe to Refinitiv DataLink

  1. Refinitiv DataLink data can be trusted, so you can make trading decisions with confidence—thousands of our customers already do. Our data comes from Thomson Reuters, the world's best known and most reliable information provider. Successful, profitable trading depends on premium data, and no other end-of-day data is more dependable than Refinitiv DataLink.
  2. Refinitiv DataLink data is accurate. This gives you an edge over other individual investors in the market who use low quality data and risk trading on bad signals. DataLink's exclusive AutoClean technology ensures that the data is accurate. Plus, Refinitiv DataLink automatically sends stock split information, which adjusts your historical data, resulting in smooth price charts and accurate analytics.
  3. Refinitiv DataLink data is flexible - it's compatible with a number of leading software packages. Unlike other data providers, DataLink doesn't lock you into a particular software.
  4. Refinitiv DataLink has unbeatable depth and breadth of data. Our data spans the globe, so whatever region you prefer to trade - from North America to Europe to Asia, we have it.
  5. Regarding data history, North American coverage begins in 1980 for equities, indices, & mutual funds and as far back as 1973 for some futures. International data goes back at least 5 years.
  6. Refinitiv DataLink lets you choose - whether you prefer adjusted or non-adjusted mutual fund data, the choice is yours. Lipper, a Thomson Reuters company, supplies the adjusted fund data that accounts for dividends and capital gains.
  7. DataLink doesn't require downloading software when used with MetaStock. Simply type in the symbol you want to analyze and the data is instantly accessible. This feature, called DataOnDemand, is a favorite of DataLink customers because it makes their trading quicker and easier.
  8. DataLink does not restrict the number of symbols you can download. Our data feed lets you collect on an unlimited number of instruments, exposing large amounts of data for system testing and explorations.
  9. DataLink offers free, unlimited technical support. Their experienced and highly trained Support team knows Refinitiv DataLink inside and out, so they can solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Data & Exchanges

Following is a list of End-of-Day Data supplied by Refinitiv DataLink and the stock market exchanges to which this data applies. If you are looking for Real-Time Data, consider using Refinitiv XENITH.

Every Equity Stock in North America.

Refinitiv DataLink covers nearly every equity exchange in North America and most in Europe and Asia. This coverage also includes all North American, European, and Asian futures and commodities, and even all international indices... close to 3000 indices on all world markets!

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 Mutual Funds  NetAsset Value
 Equities  Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
 Indices / Indicators  Open, High, Low, Close
 Futures / Commodities  Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest, Market Volume, 
 Market Open Interest
 Foreign Exchange Rates (FOREX)  Open, High, Low, Close

List of Stocks

Charting software is only as good as the data behind it, and Refinitiv DataLink is as good as it gets. End-of-day data for all regions.

Includes:equities, foreign exchange (FOR X), futures, commodities, and derivatives.

Stocks - Americas

  • BOVESPA (Sao Paulo) **
  • Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
  • Caracas Stock Exchange
  • Colombian Stock Exchange
  • Lima Stock Exchange
  • Mexican Stock Exchange
  • Canadian Trading and Quotation System (CNQ) **
  • Canadian Venture Exchange (TSX Venture) **
  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) **
  • NASDAQ **
  • NASDAQ (includes Bulletin Boards and Pink Sheets)
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) **
  • Santiago Stock Exchange **

Stocks - Europe

  • Abu Dhabi (EMEA) **
  • Athens Stock Exchange **
  • Amman Stock Exchange
  • Bahrain Stock Exchange
  • Barcelona Stock Exchange
  • Berlin Stock Exchange
  • Berne Exchange
  • Bilbao Stock Exchange
  • Bolsas Mercados Espanoles - Valencia **
  • Bucharest Exchange
  • Budapest Stock Exchange
  • Casablanca Stock Exchange Equities (EMEA)
  • Dubai Financial Market **
  • Duesseldorf Stock Exchange
  • Egyptian Exchange
  • EURONEXT - Amsterdam **
  • EURONEXT - Brussels
  • EURONEXT - Lisbon **
  • EURONEXT - Paris **
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange **
  • Irish Stock Exchange
  • Istanbul Stock Exchange
  • Italian Stock Exchange **
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange **
  • Kazakhstan Stock Exchange
  • Kuwait Stock exchange
  • London Stock Exchange **
  • Luxembourg Stock Exchange
  • Madrid Stock Exchange
  • MICEX Trading
  • Munich Stock Exchange
  • Muscat Securities market
  • Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • OMX Nordic - Copenhagen
  • OMX Nordic - Helsinki
  • OMX Nordic - Iceland
  • OMX Nordic - Stockholm **
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Prague Stock Exchange
  • Qatar Stock Exchange
  • Saudi Stock Exchange **
  • Sociedad de Bolsas
  • Stuttgart Stock Exchange
  • Swiss Exchange (SWX) **
  • Tel Aviv (EMEA) **
  • Vienna Stock Exchange (WBAG)
  • VIRT-X
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange **
  • XETRA **
  • Zagreb Stock Exchange

Stocks - Asia

  • Australian Stock Exchange **
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange **
  • Calcutta Stock Exchange
  • Colombo Stock Exchange
  • Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Fukuoka Stock Exchange
  • Hanoi Stock Exchange
  • Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange
  • HKEX - Hong Kong Stock Exchange **
  • Indonesia Stock Exchange **
  • Karachi Stock Exchange
  • Korea Stock Exchange
  • Nagoya Stock Exchange
  • National Stock Exchange of India **
  • New Zealand Stock Exchange
  • Osaka Securities Exchange
  • Philippine Stock Exchange
  • Sapporo Stock Exchange
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  • Singapore Exchange Securities **
  • Stock Exchange of Thailand **
  • Taiwan OTC
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange

WorldWide Futures

  • Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand
  • Athens Derivatives
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (Futures)
  • Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange
  • Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange
  • CBT - Chicago Board of Trade
  • CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • COMEX - New York Commodities Exchange
  • Dalian Commodity Exchange
  • European Energy Exchange
  • Hong Kong Futures Exchange
  • ICE Canada
  • ICE Europe
  • ICE US
  • Kansai Commodities Exchange
  • KBT - Kansas City Board of Trade
  • Korean Futures Exchange
  • MEFF Madrid Futures
  • Mexican Derivatives Exchange
  • MGE - Minneapolis Grain Exchange
  • MOE - Montreal Options Exchange
  • National Stock Exchange of India Futures
  • NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange
  • PBOT - Philadelphia Board of Trade
  • Singapore Commodity Exchange
  • Singapore Monetary Exchange
  • South African Futures Exchange
  • Sydney Futures Exchange
  • Thailand Futures Exchange
  • Taiwan Futures Exchange
  • Tokyo Commodity Exchange
  • Tokyo Financial Exchange
  • Tokyo Grain Exchange
  • Turkish Derivatives Exchange
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange (Futures)
  • Forex Data


Available in the Worldwide Futures Package.

** Supports hourly snapshot of the daily bar in MetaStock XIII and higher.

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