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MetaStock Real Time

MetaStock Real Time

MetaStock Real Time trading technical analysis for Xenith is specifically designed for intra-day data to transact in real-time throughout the trading day..
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Kelly Clement presents a comprehensive overview of MetaStock XVII.

MetaStock Real Time is the 14-time winner of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine™ Reader's Choice Award for best analysis software. On top of this, here are some further benefits to using MetaStock:

  • MetaStock Real Time helps you create a system for trading. Your approach to trading your portfolio should be a systematic, objective plan to make the best possible decisions.
  • Removing the emotions of greed and fear from your trading, MetaStock provides a trusted set of criteria and reliable analysis so that you can objectively engage in buying and selling in the markets.
  • The program is easy to use. Many of the stock charting software packages available today are so difficult to understand that it takes months to be up and running. MetaStock, however, is known for its intuitive interface, easy to use tools, and an exceptional built-in Help system.
  • Success in the markets = profits. 84% of MetaStock customers report that they have been successful in the markets using our technical analsysis software.
  • MetaStock is used by money managers & institutional traders across the globe. With MetaStock, you have access to the same tools that financial professionals trust to make their trading decisions.
  • Excellent support tools: whether you prefer to call their free support line, chat with a rep over instant message, browse the FAQ’s on the web, or visit the online user's Forum, you’ll find the answers to your questions quickly and conveniently.
  • MetaStock can be customized to use your personal strategies, your tolerance risks, your goals, and the instruments you trade.

Why Do Most Traders Fail?

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world trade stocks, options, commodities, FOREX, and more. All of these investors hope to be successful, but the fact is, most are not. The reasons for failure in the market are as varied as the traders themselves, but for the great majority it comes down to their approach to trading.

When traders allow emotions like greed and fear to play in their decisions, they are bound to fail. Also, relying on hunches, guesses, tips from friends, or even the advice of your broker are likely to lead to disappointment.

Successful traders have several things in common. One, they leave emotions out of their trades. Two, they know that not all trades will be winners. Their goal is to beat the odds and make a majority of winning trades. Three, they have a plan. They manage their funds and never trade more than they should. Finally, many traders use Technical Analysis - the science of trading.

What is Technical Analysis and how can it help your trades?

MetaStock Technical Analysis Software

"Technical Analysis" is a complicated-sounding name for a very basic approach to trading. Simply put, it is the study of security prices in order to make better trading decisions. The primary tool of the technical analyst is a chart showing price and volume. By identifying patterns over time, technical analysts are often able to predict the direction of the market, and specific securities.

Of course no one can predict the future, but remember successful trades are about beating the odds and making more winners than losers, and protecting one’s profits. Technical Analysis provides that edge to a great deal of successful traders. In the pioneering days of technical analysis, charts were painstakingly hand drawn. Fortunately computers now perform the tedious aspects of charting. To be sure, many charting software programs have come and gone, but MetaStock has set itself apart for over 27 years as the choice of serious traders.

The primary tool of the modern Technical Analyst is a chart showing price and volume... among other things

MetaStock is science for traders

Simply put, MetaStock is a tool for traders to analyze the markets on a sector, industry group, and security level. It uses charts and indicators to help you decide when to take and when to exit trades.

No system is perfect, but MetaStock helps you become a more successful trader by improving your odds over all. It also helps take the guess work out of trading by offering a methodical, systematic approach. When you incorporate science and logic into trading, you are less likely to rely on hunches, guesses, fear, or greed. MetaStock is a professional-level tool for traders of all types and abilities MetaStock is packed with the tools that professional traders have come to expect (and some that exceed expectations):

  • Analyze stocks, FOREX, futures, options, e-mini, and more
  • Scan, sort, and rank 1000’s of securities
  • Back-test multiple strategies on multiple securities
  • Get insights from industry experts
  • Use over 200 standard indicators, or design your own
  • End-of-day and Real-Time data options for all budgets
  • FREE Professional Support

Specifically designed for real-time traders—traders who use intra-day data to transact in real-time throughout the trading day, MetaStock Real Time is the perfect analysis tool whether you're an experienced, active trader or just beginning to trade the markets.

MetaStock stock charting software contains powerful analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about what to buy & sell and when to execute to make the most money possible. MetaStock Pro comes with many out-of-the box trading solutions that are reliable and easy to use. And if you want to take your analysis to the next level, our technical analysis software gives you the ability to customize these solutions to your particular trading style.

Whether you trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, commodities, FOREX, or indices, MetaStock has the tools you need for superior market analysis and financial success. In fact, 84% of our customers report that they have been successful using the MetaStock software! Here is what one of our customers has to say about MetaStock:

"MetaStock is obviously made by people who understand traders' needs. It's a complete package that's easy to use, no matter what kind of securities you trade. It's the single tool that's allowed me to fine-tune my trading approach, pursue my avocation and build a satisfying retirement."
~ Michael Alakel

There are two ways to begin using MetaStock Real Time:

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One-Time Purchase

Once you purchase the software it is yours to keep. However, before you purchase MetaStock Real Time you will need to decide which datafeed you will be using.

Your datafeed will be a monthly or yearly subscription. Real Time works with XENITH


Subscription Version

(Receive 1 Month Free Trial)
Purchase a MetaStock Real Time subscription with monthly or yearly billing. You will receive full access to MetaStock Real Time PLUS real-time data from XENITH. [Note: Product is downloadable immediately after signing up.]


The MetaStock Enhanced System Tester

Are the indicators you are using the best possible for the securities you are analyzing? What is your win/loss ration? What is your drawdowns? Is there a better method for trading my account.

With the exclusive MetaStock Enhanced System Tester you can create, back-test, compare, and perfect your strategies before you risk any money in the markets.

By analyzing every trade that would have occurred historically, you build confidence in future trades and answer the question, "If I had traded this security using these trading rules, how much money would I have made or lost?"

The Enhanced System Tester also shows you which securities work well with which systems. Unlike other systems that allow you to test only one strategy on one security, the MetaStock Enhanced System Tester allows you to test multiple securities against multiple strategies.

The MetaStock Expert Adviser

Expert Advice is right at your fingertips, when and where you need it. MetaStock's expert Alerts keep you in touch with current trading conditions.

The MetaStock commentary window shows you in great detail how your expert assesses the chart you are viewing. Is it a buy, sell, or hold situation? If so... Why? You get insight gained through years of research and real-world trading.


Imagine if you had a tool that could paint a more probable, easy-to-read picture of the future? A picture based on patent-pending technology that uses any or all of 67 event recognizers. A picture that helps you more precisely set profit targets and stops. That's what you get with the MetaStock FORECASTER, the latest PowerTool available exclusively in MetaStock.

The FORECASTER plots a "probability cloud" based on your selection of any of 67 event recognizers. It uses advanced mathematics to examine the price action after these events to determine the probable performance of future events.

Powered by Thomson Reuters

All of our software is powered by Thomson Reuters one of the largest news and data organizations on the planet. This gives you access to:

  • Over 200 global exchanges (exchange fees apply for real time data)
  • Real time market news
  • Robust FX data package covering over 150 currencies.
  • Access to cross asset data that influences the markets. View Global Equities, Futures, FX, Fundamentals and Economic data.
  • Sector and Industry group analysis tools to help you see movement in the markets.


MetaStock Sets the Standard in Charting

MetaStock gives you nine of the most widely-used price charting styles:

technical analysis Bars

point and figure
Point & Figure



three line break
Three-Line Break



Page Layouts help you save time and stay organized. Save all of your on-screen charts together like pages in a book. So whenever you open your layout, the same securities appear.

Templates also save you time by applying the same set of indicators and studies to different securities. Rotate through different securities while keeping the same indicators and line studies on the screen.

Built-in toolbars let you easily refresh data, change periodicity, rescale the Y-Axis, zoom in & out, choose "previous" or "next security" in the open folder, and choose a security to open.

The Object Oriented Interface allows you to click on an object and get an instant menu for that item. The Click and Pick/Drag and Drop features let you drag price plots, indicators, text, and lines from one chart to another.

MetaStock PowerTools

The MetaStock Explorer - Scan the Markets to Find Winning Securities.

There are thousands of stocks, currencies, options, and futures out there. Moreover, there are hundreds of indicators and systems you might want to use to trade them. How do you even begin to sort through the possibilities? How do you find the winners? That's where the MetaStock Explorer comes in. Now you can use YOUR criteria to scan a universe of securities to find the ones that fit YOUR strategy. Here are some examples of possible scans:

  • Discover which securities have generated a buy or sell signal based on your custom criteria
  • Find the securities that have just crossed above their 200-day moving average
  • Generate a performance report of all your mutual funds
  • Discover the securities which ranked highest by Wilders RSI
  • Generate a list of securities that are above their 10-week moving average, with a stochastic of 80 or higher

The list of possible scans is almost endless. Not only does this save countless hours of sorting and sifting, but it allows you to do things you simply could not do otherwise.

The MetaStock Expert Advisor - Consult the Experts

The MetaStock Expert Advisor gives you the input of industry professionals when and where you need it. Display the industry's most popular systems and charting styles with the click of a mouse. Need more info? Choose the commentary screen for specific information about the security you are charting. For example, you can learn: "What is a MACD and where should the buy and sell signals occur on the chart?" You can even create your own system using the easy-to-learn MetaStock formula language.

Expert Alerts keep you in touch with current trading conditions. Use simple price and volume alerts or complex indicator triggers and multiple condition alerts.

Expert Commentary shows you in great detail how your expert assesses the chart you are viewing. Is it a buy, sell, or hold situation? If so... Why? You get insight gained through years of research and real-world trading.

Expert Symbols and Trends – Buy and sell arrows, text, or any other symbols in the MetaStock palette automatically flag special conditions, according to your criteria.

The Enhanced System Tester - Test Your Trading Ideas

With The Enhanced System Tester, create, back-test, compare, and perfect your strategies before you risk any of your money in the markets. System testing helps answer the question, "If I had traded this security using these trading rules, how much money would I have made or lost?" The surest way to increase your confidence in a trading system is to test it historically. The Enhanced System Tester lets you take a group of stocks and compare them to a group of trading systems to find the best scenario.

Designed to simulate real trading scenarios, the Enhanced System Tester allows you to change variables such as entry, exit, order sizes, commissions, and more. This tool gives you incredible customization, comprehensive results, and detailed reports so that you can find the most historically successful trading scenario.

The Enhanced System Tester gives you the power to take huge amounts of past data and use it to analyze and predict what trading systems will be the most profitable.

Indicators & Trading Systems

MetaStock Indicators

Analyze the market with the insight of the most respected traders in history with MetaStock's comprehensive collection of indicators and line studies – over 150 are included. MetaStock's built-in indicator interpretations even help you understand how to trade each indicator. For advanced users, The Indicator Builder lets you write your own indicators.

42 Adaptive Indicators

Standard indicators use a fixed look-back period, which makes them less responsive to prevailing market conditions. MetaStock 13 incorporates 42 Adaptive Indicators with dynamic look-back functionality based on volatility, cycle, or a combination of both. This method provides the most responsive and accurate results.

Write your own system

MetaStock knows that many of our clients have their own ideas about what makes a great system. The MetaStock formula language is easy to learn and allows you to create just about any system you can think of. Not into programming? Tell us what you want and we'll do it for a nominal fee. Find out more about custom formula requests.

Stop Indicators

The best trading systems will fall short without a good exit strategy. MetaStock stop indicators help your system know when it's time to get out of the trade:

  • Intellistops - these self-adjusting trailing stops do away with the old static stop systems, which are set at a fixed percentage from price. Intellistops are adaptive and adjust dynamically based on the current price activity of the security. Intellistops adjust according to cycles, volatility, and other conditions.
  • Chandelier Stops - As the name indicates, Chandelier stops "hang" the sell stop from the extreme high reached over a predetermined period. When used properly, in tandem with other trading systems, Chandelier stops have been shown to produce profits even with randomly selected entries on a diversified group of futures.

The RMO System

This revolutionary trend-based system was developed by Rahul Mohindar. It incorporates a three-step indicator triggered by the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator and has become one of the most popular systems in MetaStock for its ease of use and reliability.

The Performance Systems

Trade at a higher level of confidence and expertise than you ever thought possible with the 26 trading systems included in MetaStock. Chosen after countless hours of intensive testing and rigorous research, these systems have a highly successful track record of profitable results.

We added state-of-the-art exploration tools to 10 of these systems. These explorations perform system testing - on not just one security - but over an entire database of securities. Plus, you'll get buy/hold vs. buy/sell comparisons, and buy/sell alerts to further assure your trade has the highest probability of success.


MetaStock has over 150 built-in indicators and line studies to help you analyze market movement - all easy to place on a chart with a simple drag-and-drop.

MetaStock's built-in indicator interpretations even help you understand how each indicator can be traded. And each indicator's parameters can be easily adjusted to what you think works best.

MetaStock Indicator Listing

Accumulation/Distribution Accumulation Swing Index Adaptive Moving Average
Advance Decline Line Alpha Andrews Pitchfork
Arms Index (TRIN) Aroon Average True Range
Beta Binary Wave (5) Bollinger Bands
Bull Power Bear Power 1 Bull Power Bear Power 2 Bull Power Bear Power 3
Commodity Channel Index Chaikin A/D Oscillator Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Volatility Chande Forecast Oscillator Chande Momentum Oscillator
CMO Reversal Commodity Channel Index Commodity Selection Index
Consolidation Breakout Cooper 1234 Pattern Correlation Analysis
Cycle Lines Cycle Progression Dema
Demand Index Detrended Price Oscillator Directional Movement (5)
Dynamic Momentum Index Dynamic Momentum Index 1 Ease of Movement
Ellipse Envelope Equidistant Channel Line
Exponential Moving Average Fibonacci Arcs Fibonacci Fans
Fibonacci Retracements Fibonacci Time Zones Forecast Oscillator
Fourier Transform Fractal Trading System 1 Fractal Trading System 2
Gann Angles Gann Fans Gann Grids
Gann Line Herrick Payoff Index Horizontal Line
Ichimoku Kinko Intraday Momentum Klinger Oscillator
Linear Regression Linear Regression Lines Linear Regression Slope
Long Sell Short Sale - 5 Day MACD (2) MACD Histogram 1
MACD Histogram 2 Market Facilitation Index McClellan Oscillator
McClellan Summation Index Meisels Overbought/Oversold Median Price
MESA Sine Wave/td> Momentum Money Flow Index
Moving Average - Simple Moving Average - Exponential Moving Average - Weighted
Moving Average - Time Series Moving Average - Triangular Moving Average - Ribbon
Moving Average - Variable Moving Average - Volume Adjusted Negative Volume Index
Odds Probability Cones On Balance Volume Open Interest
Option Delta Option Expiration Option Gamma
Option Life Option Price Option Theta
Option Vega Option Volatility Parabolic SAR
Pattern Trading System 1 Percent Retracement Percentage Crossover 3%
Performance Polarized Fractal Efficiency Positive Volume Index
Price Oscillator Projection Price Bands Channel Projection Oscillator
Projection Oscillator 1 Qstick Quadrant Lines
r-squared Raff Regression Channel Rainbow Band Upper
Rainbow Band Lower Rainbow Max Rainbow Min
Rainbow Oscillator Random Walk Index Range Indicator
Rectangle Relative Momentum Index Relative Performance
Relative Strength Index Relative Volatility Index Semi-Log Trendline
Sine Wave 5-unit Standing Speed Resistance Lines Spread
Standard Deviation Standard Error StochRSI
Stochastic Momentum Index Stochastic Oscillator Squat Bar
Swing Index Tema Time Series Forecast
Tirone Levels Trade Volume Index Trendlines
Trendline by Angle TRIX Typical Price
Ultimate Oscillator Vertical Horizontal Filter Vertical Line
Volatility Breakout (Chaikin) Volatility Indicators (3) Volume
Volume Oscillator Volume Rate of Change Weighted Close
Wilder's Smoothing Williams' A/D, %R Zig Zag


Kelly Clement presents a comprehensive overview of MetaStock XVII

This brief video presented by Scott Brown, President of MetaStock, discusses the MetaStock FORECASTER.

A brief description of the MetaStock Expert Advisor

This is a brief introduction to Refinitiv XENITH, the latest real-time data, news and analysis package from MetaStock.



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250MB (Required: 50MB) 250MB (Required: 50MB)
Direct X 11 capable GPU Direct X 11 capable GPU
Microsoft Office

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32-bit only:

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 3 - Professional Plus
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  • Microsoft Office 365 with Office 2016(2)– ProPlus and Enterprise E3

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